Founder and Owner: Niki Flood

Everyday Doula Chicago LLC

First, thank you for visiting my site. I hope we get to know each other soon.

Everyday Doula Chicago was started in the summer of 2021. After a slight career path change I decided it was time to explore a growing passion of mine: supporting birthing people and their journeys. Many birthing people are unaware of how much power they actually possess and how much they can do when this is unleashed. I myself was completely unaware of this until my second child was born through the help of an amazing doula. I had attended many births before my own two children but had never realized I was doing the same work that I would come to be so in awe of. So here we are, I'm here to help you with your birthing journey and story. Because, at the end of it all, it is about you, your body, your wishes, and making sure these are met to our very best ability as your birthing team.